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Business principles

Business principles of VTL GmbH, Fulda

A strong network

We are a solid combination of medium-sized freight forwarding companies. Together, we operate a high standard, comprehensive transport network (hub and spoke) for our customers and partners, in particular for the distribution of general cargo in Germany, the European Union and other European countries.

Each year, we set our milestones and pursue these consistently. In this, individuals orientate themselves towards the superordinated co-operative vision and key objectives. Our vision and the key objectives are laid down in binding form in a strategy document.

Sustainability is a high priority aim. Thereby, we want to express that our efforts are not aimed at short-term success, but have to be of use for the next generation. According to the definition of the term sustainability, the three cornerstones are: social topics, economic aspects and ecology.

We accept our corporate social responsibility. As a consequence, we specifically support charitable organisations.

Community spirit (together we are strong)

We strive to keep each promise of performance that we submit to our customers daily on behalf of our organisation. The aim of our service is to generate added value for all those participating in the transport chain.
We wish to be a reliable partner to our customers. In this, long-term and partnership customer relations are paramount. Ecology is important to us. We therefore supply our services in an environmentally friendly manner, on the basis of applicable laws, taking the initiative to inform both internally and externally.


VTL and the associated system partners are progressive, socially-committed employers. The well-being, safety at work and health of our employees are of fundamental importance to us.
People are the focal point of our daily actions. We employ skilled, motivated employees that are ready and willing to provide the necessary performance, that are able to perform in an independent manner and wish to do so. All employees possess team spirit and create a positive working environment. We place a high value upon supporting and training our staff further. This enables us to raise the skills of our employees and ensure that we are able to address the growing demands of our customers.


Today, over 4000 place their trust in the know-how and performance of VTL every day. Our goal is to work in an environment in which everyone feels at ease. Mutual respect, fairness, professionalism, politeness, openness and honesty are a matter of course for us.

In both internal and external activities we work consistently according to clear ethical principles.

“Ethics are a boundless, expanded responsibility towards everything living“.
Albert Schweitzer