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VTL is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.


Beyond the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, at VTL regular internal and external audits are conducted, with incentives such as the Quality Award created. New approaches to quality improvement are also examined continuously.

First-class quality management

With the House of Quality VTL has created and introduced a tailored quality management system for the entire Cargo Family.

The comprehensive quality management and risk management helps customers to secure a consistently-high level of quality – regardless of which of the over 120 partner companies they assign.

A wide range of different documentation, key data and audits for our logistical expertise such as punctuality, service quality and loss prevention are targeted on the test bench. Bundled together, they form an early warning system. We are able to recognise deviations from target statuses at an early stage and rectify any defects.

Regular quality inspections of the system partners aim to help ensure that VTL is established in the medium term as one of the best-quality general cargo co-operations in Germany.

What is that makes the House of Quality so special?

The flexible structure of the QM system lends it life, making it possible to react quickly to internal and external changes and take account of new concepts. In this way VTL is able to sustainably secure the quality of the entire general cargo system.

In this, risk management is a key factor, containing numerous modules for monitoring and quality optimisation:

Site-related quality controls

Each depot or hub undergoes an annual quality control via the standardised VTL audit. In the central hub daily loading and unloading audits are also carried out additionally.

Monthly rankings

For the identification of performance capability, values such as the delivery performance are automatically incorporated from the myVTL system.

Furthermore, VTL establishes the partner company with the best quality every year and lends the PartnerAward.

Early warning system

The identification of “low-performing” depots is enabled via the results of the quality audit and the monthly rankings. These provide information regarding damage rate, consignment loss, special trips, additional vehicles and shipping volumes.

Task force

If a depot is identified as “low performing” by the early warning system, direct contact is initiated by the system headquarters in Fulda. A problem analysis is conducted in co-operation with the depot. Measures are jointly specified to improve performance, with action taken on-site where required.

The headquarters in Fulda has a special ADR task force when needed.

VTL quality circle

In close co-operation with depot representatives an open exchange of information takes place in order to secure and increase the network quality together. In this, presentations on current developments in quality management form the basis for new impulses.

Quality Award

Each year the partner with the best operational quality in the myVTL system is identified and presented with the Partner Award at the system meeting.

Corporate success

Continuous quality controls strengthen and improve the operational processes for all system partners. Processes become leaner, more efficient and more transparent. This results in timely loading and punctual delivery for the recipient, which can be tracked via Track & Trace – these are clear benefits and sales arguments.