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25 years VTL

Not just another general cargo cooperation  – we are the CargoFamily


Special podcast edition to the VTL’s 25th anniversary: Interview with founding member Heinz Hintzen and VTL Managing Director Johanna Broese (German version only).



Foundation of the company VTL on 10 March 1998: The objective of the general cargo cooperation is the merger of small and medium-sized forwarding companies to be able to offer an all-comprehensive transport network (HUB & Spoke) for general cargo distribution – jointly, in partnership and fairly – the birth of the VTL CargoFamily. On (Friday) 20 March 1998 the first handling night took place at the business site in Herleshausen with 45 partners and 12 gates.

Ground-breaking ceremony on the green meadow: With the central hub located in Fulda, the system headquarters will be located on the 37,000 m² business site in the industrial park Fulda-West and will erect a transhipment hall equipped with 44 gates and including an office building.


The network expands its portfolio to include the first international destinations (Benelux). In doing so, it generates sales of 16.5 million euros.



Recognition of synergies and growth potential: In 2005, VTL merges with Spedition 2000 and Andreas Jäschke becomes managing director of the general cargo cooperation together with Matthias Mertins.



No standstill: The growth of VTL goes on. In the meantime, 730,400 consignments are handled and sales of 26.4 million euros are generated. New transhipment areas are required. For this reason, the existing hall is expanded.



New shipment record: VTL now handles 1 million shipments. The third construction phase will be completed, and 7,400 m² of handling space will be available to date.



VTL cannot be stopped: In comparision with 2006, the shipment volume of the general cargo cooperation has almost doubled. In 2011, the volume of shipments amounted to 1.4 million consignments with a generation of sales of 55.8 million euros. Since 2011, the cooperation has had a CO2 network carbon footprint (NCF). Customers can use a consignment table to determine the average CO2 emissions per shipment.

Milestone in the field of digitalization: The ERP system “myVTL” developed to meet the requirements of VTL will be launched in 2012. The implementation of the cooperation software connects all participants of the network with each other by ensuring an automated and smooth data exchange through tailor-made interfaces.

Award-winning: VTL is growing faster than the competition and receives the “Growth Champion 2012” award from the management consultancy Kalkbrenner. Another highlight is the award at the Grand Prix of medium-sized companies as one of the best companies in the Federal region of Hesse.

Full steam ahead: VTL continues its history of growth with around 1.5 million consignments (+3 per cent in comparision with the previous year). Consequently, VTL has increased the number of shipments by around 97 percent since 2006 and more than doubled its sales by achieving an increase of 126 percent. VTL not only offers a nationwide network in Germany but is now also networked with other 20 countries.

The “Europahalle” starts its operation: The existing handling capacities reach their limits due to increased shipment volumes and increasing international relations in the central HUB. The new 2,000 m² hall equipped with 13 additional gates offers the required space and expands the central lift to around 10,000 m² of handling area including 115 gates.


Joint strength: Despite the economic and social challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, VTL and its partners manage to offer a stable and trustful service and to score points as a system-relevant and reliable cooperation. For VTL the crisis was a chance to meet new challenges openly and flexibly by adapting processes and developing innovating solutions.


Investment in sustainable technologies as well as in the future: The 500m² photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the Europahalle will be put into operation. This system covers the electricity requirements of the administration building and is also used to charge the electric industrial trucks, which will then be used for night handling.

Modern and future-oriented: VTL design shines in an innovating and fresh look. The brand relaunch invites the market presence with fresh energy. The innovating slogan “all about general cargo” conveys the core cooperation-focused competence to the outside world. The well-known and popular meerkats are also being modernized. And in the future, they will continue to stand as a symbol of CargoFamily and its community values.

Digital solution for customers: VTL expands its product portfolio with the freight cost calculator FRED (“Fracht einfach direkt” (freight simply direct)) and offers private and business customers a completely automated online shop to book their transport services.

Generation change at VTL: After 16 years of commitment to the company, the managing director Andreas Jäschke is retired. Since 01 January 2022 Johanna Broese has taken over the sole management.



Twenty-five years after its foundation, VTL has grown into the leading quality general cargo cooperation for strong medium-sized companies in the fields of transport and logistics. VTL successfully connects regional partners to an intelligent and all-comprehensive service in Germany and Europe which connects business, markets and people on a daily basis and offers not only high quality but also a modern IT infrastructure which is subject to a constant further development.