arbeitskreisFor the last time for now, the working group’s 10 participating partners met to present and check the plausibility of the data they have collected. Every field of the data capture questionnaire was extensively discussed and reviewed once again step by step.

Professor Dirk Lohre and his team at INVL will now make any final adjustments before the questionnaire gets distributed to all partners in early March.

High quality assured:VTL partners who want assistance with collecting their data can count on the active help of INVL – either by phone or on site.

Next meeting: Data capture and summary and evaluation of all data collected up to the end of April

Members of the ‘Green Logistics’ working group. From left to right: Thomas Rödiger, Kontinent Spedition; Arno Boll, Kraftverkehr Emsland; Michael Abele, Ludwig Häberle Logistik; Marie Suermann, Jos. Rux Spedition; Jens Schreiber, Richard Müller; Matthias Rux, Jos. Rux Spedition; Ruben Gotthardt, INVL; Janine Breuer, Hintzen Logistik; J. Niemschwitz, Kraftverkehr Emsland; Christiane Fink, VTL; Peer Helbig, Gericke; Wiebke Röhrich, Loxx Logistik & Spedition; Lothar Klatt, Spedition Hoss; Prof. Dr. Dirk Lohre, INVL