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The VTL headquarters

Stability, network security and transparency are decisive factors for a general cargo cooperation. The transport services must be provided seamlessly and reliably at all times.

At the headquarters in Fulda, motivated employees ensure the smooth processing and management of one of Europe’s leading general cargo cooperations. The head office organises the network activities of more than 125 medium-sized logistics and transport partners in over 39 European countries.

Handling without standstill

The central HUB in Fulda and the regional HUBs North and West in Hannover and Gelsenkirchen are networked with direct transports. With this system, partners can provide their customers with general cargo transport in Germany and throughout Europe at 24/48 hour intervals.
Every night, more than 120 employees take care of the handling of the approximately 130 trucks that arrive at the central hub in Fulda. The largest volumes are handled during the rush hour from 10 pm to 2 am. In the total VTL system, this amounts to around 6,000 consignments a day with an average weight of 2,400 tonnes. The central hub handles around 7,500 parcels per working day.

IT is essential for the smooth running of the system. It ensures the exchange of consignment data electronically for the entire general cargo cooperation. This is handled by our myVTL communication platform, which also includes tracking and tracing.

The main HUB

VTL’s main handling operation, known by the German abbreviation ‘HUB’, is located in Fulda, in the heart of Germany. There is quick access from here to the A7, A66, A5 and A4 motorways:

Site area: 37,000m² | Warehouse: 9,200m² | 115 bays

Regional hubs

Operator RHUB West in Gelsenkirchen

Operator RHUB North in the area Hannover