01/01/2022 marked the beginning of a new era for VTL Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik GmbH. Long-serving Managing Director Andreas Jäschke took retirement after 16 years with the company. He is succeeded by Johanna Broese.

After successfully completing her studies in Logistics, Johanna Broese joined the company at the age of 25 and pursued her career in a consistent and determined manner, taking over the post of sole Managing Director at VTL 10 years later – and bringing a wealth of new ideas with her.

VTL has been established in the general cargo market, where it is distinguished by its reliability and know-how. From the beginning onwards, the business model has been based upon the three pillars of sustainability, evolving into a strong network of over 120 partners. Managing Director Johanna Broese is looking forward to her new tasks with confidence: “VTL has used the past months to prepare for this generational change, setting a course for a modern, innovative network. We would like to thank Andreas Jäschke for his tireless efforts in the past years. He has made a key contribution to the positive development of the general cargo co-operation. With his help it proved possible to establish a stable network that can now be developed further. We wish him the best of health for the forthcoming time, and that he can use this time in the manner that he intended.”

The future focus at VTL will remain on securing the network and reliable coverage in Germany, to ensure a close-knit network and stability for the individual partners and react promptly to the requirements of the market. In addition, VTL also intends to reorganise and expand the network of routes. The existing capacity in Fulda is to be rendered more effective via restructuring and expansion of the main run traffic as well as higher utilisation of the regional hubs. The establishment of further regional hubs will also be examined.

VTL will also continue to pursue the issue of sustainability. The company has set itself the goal of reducing greenhouse gases generated in the system headquarters by 50% by the year 2030, as well as compensating 100% of non-reducible emissions in climate protection projects. In this, VTL is not only turning to green products, but also the climate-friendly design of its headquarters. The photovoltaic unit installed in the autumn of 2021 makes a key contribution to reductions.

“People are an important success factor for VTL. Together we aim to plan the future and are therefore positioning our network partners, customers and employees at the forefront of our actions.” To persuade its partners of the above-average standard of quality VTL keeps an eye on its own processes at all times, focusing not only on digital solutions, but also on individual and tailored service and fair interaction, ensuring that everyone feels at home in the VTL CargoFamily.

Johanna Broese, Managing Director