Fulda, 13.04.2021 – Since 1 April, Axel Vetter has been supporting the further development of the general cargo cooperation VTL Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik as a member of the management and authorised signatory.

“We are looking forward to working with Axel Vetter, who has more than 25 years of logistics experience,” says Managing Director Johanna Birkhan. His main responsibilities include the expansion of the network, both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, he will push the sales activities for VTL and its partners. Until the end of the year, when Managing Director Andreas Jäschke retires, the trio will work intensively on the further expansion and digital transformation of the cooperation. “Until then, we still have a lot of plans,” says Andreas Jäschke. After 16 successful years as VTL Managing Director, he wants to contribute his know-how to the VTL Next project in particular.

The certified freight forwarding agent, Axel Vetter, has the best qualifications to complement the current VTL dual leadership. Especially when it comes to helping shape the future of VTL, his many years of experience as a qualified specialist and manager in various companies and areas of logistics and his knowledge as a systemic business coach are helpful. For him, a special focus is on communication with network partners, customers and employees.

Image composing: Axel Vetter, Johanna Birkhan, Andreas Jäschke, f.l.t.r. (VTL Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik GmbH)