Fulda, 28 June 2022 – At this year’s shareholders’ meeting, a new supervisory board was elected for VTL Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik GmbH. Jürgen Frömberg succeeds Reinhard Briem.

The 33 shareholders have once again placed their trust in the incumbent Supervisory Board for the next three years. This consists of the long-standing members Herbert Rothschild (Kurt Rothschild GmbH & Co. KG), Heinz Hintzen (Hintzen Logistik GmbH), Marc Eckhardt (Walter Eckhardt GmbH) and Nils Heidenreich (Garbe Transport GmbH). In the future, the Supervisory Board will be expanded by Jürgen Frömberg, who thus succeeds Reinhard Briem.

The qualified forwarding merchant and business economist has many years of professional and management experience. As Managing Director of Maier Spedition GmbH in Singen and decker & Co GmbH in Achern, he is very familiar with the forwarding industry and logistics processes, whether in the operational or strategic area. His heart beats not only for logistics and general cargo: the 51-year-old Swabian, who lives in Switzerland, likes to think outside the box: 0815 processes and standstill are not an option for him, because he loves variety, challenges and innovative developments. With his professional know-how and humorous manner, the board has found an adequate replacement for Reinhard Briem.

Long-time member Reinhard Briem was already adopted at the last Supervisory Board meeting. Mr. Briem is leaving the board after 24 years for personal reasons. The shareholders, the Supervisory Board and VTL Managing Director Johanna Broese thanked him for his valuable support, advice, constructive cooperation and great commitment over the past years and wished him all the best for the future.

New Supervisory Board member Jürgen Frömberg (Photo: Maier Spedition GmbH, Singen)