all about strategy – VTL network met in Cologne to make plans for the future

(Fulda, 23 November 2023) On 17 November 2023, VTL Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik GmbH held its annual system meeting in Cologne, where shareholders, partners and representatives of the system headquarters came together to talk about the past financial year and the future of the general cargo cooperation. The networking event provided space for new ideas and exciting discussions. In addition to the presentation of the VTL PartnerAwards, those celebrating 10, 20 and 25 years of VTL partnership were honoured.

At the VTL information event, which focussed on “all about strategy”, the management provided an insight into the operational development of the past financial year. In addition to the upcoming toll increase, the current quality in the network and the results of the quality circles held in October were also discussed.

Three outstanding partners were honored for their quality and growth at the traditional VTL PartnerAward ceremony. The award in the category “Best Quality National” went to BTG Internationale Spedition from Frankfurt am Main. Claassen Logistics from the Netherlands was honored for the second time in a row in the category “Best Quality International”. The depot from Handewitt, Christian Carstensen, received the award for “Greatest National Growth”. Another highlight was the honoring of those celebrating 10, 20 and 25 years of VTL partnership. The companies Kockel (Soest), Arco Spedizioni (Monza/Italy), R-T-Logistik (Lübesse) and G.S.L. Trans (Geraberg) have been part of the CargoFamily for 10 years. Partner Petersen & Bileck (Buchholz) has been loyal to VTL for 20 years. Consistent with the 25th anniversary of the VTL cooperation, the partners who have been part of the VTL general cargo cooperation since it was founded were also celebrated. VTL Managing Director Johanna Broese praised the cohesion in the network since the first transshipment night in 1998 and thanked the partners for their many years of loyalty and high reliability. The partners and thus also shareholders from the very beginning include Spedition Auch (Annaburg), Spedition Bergmann (Wuppertal), Spedition, Hintzen Logistik (Eschweiler), Schenkelberg Logistik (Ebernhahn), Otto Briem Spedition (Filderstadt), Garbe Transport (Hamburg), Bauer&Mayer (Lützen), Ludwig Häberle Logistik (Schwäbisch Gmünd), Kurt Rothschild Logistik (Ulmen), Fuldaer Speditionsgesellschaft (Fulda) and reimer logistics (Bremen).

In the second part of the event, best practice partner Emons Spedition GmbH & Co. KG presented its new strategic division Emons | DIGITAL and used current examples to illustrate how the company is securing the future viability of Emons, its employees and customers in the digital age and turning the company into a digital, innovative and seamless logistics service provider.

Strategy expert Christian Marnetté from the consulting company TransCare GmbH then gave a keynote speech to the management representatives, explaining the long-term added value that sustainable strategy development brings for all those involved and how this can be implemented in SME structures in the logistics sector.

In the following group workshop, the participants had the opportunity to discuss the future of VTL in a practical and solution-oriented manner and to incorporate forward-looking topics and ideas. In the concluding expert discussion between TransCare representative Marnetté and VTL Managing Director Broese, the challenges and opportunities for VTL’s future path were analyzed. “In this development process, it is important for us to be self-critical and transparent about our strengths and weaknesses. A careful analysis, taking into account opportunities and risks, has helped us to develop a sustainable strategic plan. Together with our strong partners, we will continue to develop the VTL network and remain an important player in the general cargo market in the future,” summarizes Broese.