(Fulda, 16 January 2024) Johanna Broese, Managing Director of VTL Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik GmbH, will be leaving the company on 30 June 2024 at her own request to take on a new professional challenge.

After studying logistics, she already worked for VTL at the system headquarters in Fulda from 2011 to 2019 and played a key role in the development of the general cargo network, which was founded in 1998. After a executive activity at a parcel service, Johanna Broese returned to VTL in 2020, where she was appointed Managing Director in August 2020.

In times of economic uncertainty and the coronavirus pandemic, the general cargo network has developed very well under her leadership and has been able to further expand its market position with modern processes and technologies, as well as a focus on cost efficiency and high quality.

With its “VTL Next” strategy, the company is focussing, among other things, on involving junior managers even more closely and expanding its business in Germany and Europe.

Johanna Broese will continue to manage the network’s system headquarters together with authorised signatories Katja Klüber and Patrica Geiter until her departure at the end of June 2024.

Johanna Broese (VTL Managing Director); Source: VTL Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik GmbH