To take the quality of VTL cooperation to the next level, the VTL quality circle was revived. In October 2023, the regional meetings of depot managers from the quality management department took place in Hamburg, Kassel and Stuttgart – moderated by the VTL QM team Axel Falkenstein, Robert Rasenberger and Sebastian Giesecke.

Our QM mission: Shaping quality in the VTL network together, exchanging ideas and finding optimisation approaches. The VTL QM ranking served as the basis for discussions on relevant topics such as status reports, communication, escalation management and cooperative behaviour. The ISO 9001 and the field of hazardous goods were also discussed. VTL officer for hazardous goods Christian Grubmüller provided an insight into the ADR database and training provided by the system centre. Strengths and weaknesses were analysed together and initial solutions developed, which will be gradually integrated into VTL processes in order to continuously improve quality in the network.