The longtime VTL partner “Spedition Huckschlag Gmbh” from Fröndenberg/Ruhr has made a million-dollar investment and introduces a fully automated small parts warehouse from the manufacturer AutoStore. The company is thus setting completely new standards and opportunities in logistics services.

Far over 10,000 containers stacked tightly on top of each other, so called “bins”, hold small parts and made available for commissioning. They are moved fully automatically in this modern storage system using AI techniques by high-speed robots. This system is perfect for a more efficient process of the “goods-to-person-principle”: Searching on shelves with long distances and the risk of confusion is a thing of the past now. “Our picking capacity is unique. We have a system solution available for our customers that is ideal, for example, in spare parts management, for assortment-deep picking or a direct production supply, e.g. for assembly activities. The whole system is also integrated into our forwarding business unit with its entire transport portfolio. We have our own fleet of vehicles with more than 60 trucks, we´re part of 3 high performance networks with over 600 partners all over Europe, we´re also directly connected to 3 of the largest parcel service providers and therefore B2B and B2C capable,” reports the CEO of “Spedition Huckschlag GmbH” Thomas Huckschlag.

“The flexible IT based on SAP ERP logistics processes ensures that we are able to respond to individual processes in a customer-specific manner. Uwe Krumscheid (IT consultant) particularly emphasizes: “It is a matter of course for us to speak the IT language of our customers, i.e. also to always consider the connection to customer systems. We are particularly happy about the fact that we address AutoStore directly and without interfaces with our own software solution and freely defined business processes.”

Christoph Alefs (Project manager at Huckschlag) says: “We´re especially proud of the short time of 7 months from the idea to the productivity. This was only possible through a dedicated team and the short decision-making process of a medium-sized company. The realization of the project took place during ongoing operations. Throughout these operations we could already see, that we´d win a lot of space through the project. Therefore, maximum space utilization of the already existing storage area could be achieved by eliminating aisles between the racks.”

Publisher press release (German) and image source: Spedition Huckschlag GmbH