Fulda, 10 December 2020 – VTL Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik GmbH presented its 15th system meeting at the beginning of December – and for the first time as an online event. In addition to the presentation of this year’s partner awards, more than 100 participants received an insight into the current status of the future project “VTL Next”.

Right at the beginning of the event, the VTL leadership had good news for the partners: “Despite of the challenging situation, we will not let it get us down,” said Managing Director Andreas Jäschke. Once again, it would have paid off to be able to go through these difficult times together as a strong network. “This is also shown by the pleasing view of the figures: We currently expect to close 2020 at almost the same level as the previous year, despite Corona,” says Birkhan. Spedition Auch GmbH from Annaburg was particularly successful. It was awarded for the VTL Partner Award “Best Quality”. The price in the category “Largest national growth” went to Spedition Huckschlag GmbH from Fröndenberg.

Virtual networking

“Of course we would have preferred to present the awards in person,” says Managing Director Johanna Birkhan. But in light of the current Corona rules, this was not possible. Thanks to digital technologies, however, the annual VTL system meeting could still take place. “As part of our future project Next, we are dealing with the topic of digitalisation. So it was not difficult for us to decide to hold a virtual partner meeting,” emphasises Birkhan. In addition, the management duo found it particularly important to get in touch with the depots in this difficult Corona year and to inform them about VTL’s economic development and projects. And to give them the promise to consistently pursue the future projects that have been initiated. “In the coming year, we will focus specifically on the topics of quality, a strong network and digitalisation,” said Johanna Birkhan.

Business coach Dr Marcus Disselkamp explained which levers each individual VTL partner can use to emerge stronger from crises like the Corona pandemic. He gave the participants concrete tips on how to run a business and clearly showed how new business models can be developed.

“Our first online event in the studio of the Bildstürmer in Fulda was a complete success,” Andreas Jäschke points out. Nevertheless, VTL hopes to organise another face-to-face event next year. “A digital meeting cannot completely replace the personal exchange between partners and the networking that is so important for us,” says Birkhan.

Picture: Bildstürmer, Fulda / Andreas Jäschke and Johanna Birkhan (VTL Managing Director)