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2015.1 Building Bridges

2015.1 Building Bridges


Here is success!


VTL performed strongly again in 2014, with the most successful year in the co-operation‘s history.
In total, VTL achieved sales of 61.9 million euros in 2014, a plus of 4.9 percent over the previous year. The shipment volume has recorded growth of 5.5 percent over the previous year, with tonnage increasing by as 3.4 percent.

This success is primarily down to the strong sales of our partners. These efforts were assisted by the positive underlying economic conditions in Germany. Committed quality management within the network also undoubtedly contributed to more customers placing their trust in the system partners.
In order to keep pace with the growing transhipment volumes in the future, in autumn 2014 we began further expansion of warehouse capacity. As a consequence, 9,200 m 2 of transhipment space will be available by mid 2015, with 120 gates.

We are delighted with this development and thank our motivated colleagues,who face the new challenges day by day. We will further extend the bridges to our customers and partners in the future, using innovative products to ensure that changes in the market are mastered successfully, in order to grow further together.

One major topic is the decision to establish a strategic alliance with two national networks. This guarantees us and our customers optimal network density in Germany and Europe in the coming years.

Visit us at our stand at the transport logistic in Munich from 05-08 May 2015. We look forward to talking to you!

Andreas Jäschke
Managing Director
VTL Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik GmbH

VTL private

Our B2C product for simple arrangement of preferred dates, without the need for telephone


The growth in online trading represents a challenge to general cargo forwarders – particularly in the field of private customers. The VTL general cargo co-operation has responded to this with the VTL private B2C product.

Since 2014 VTL has employed its web-based product to enable end customers to use an automated process to specify a preferred date for delivery. The VTL network is hereby taking a broader approach, generating new business in E-commerce as well as having improved ability to process existing B2C business better. „The tight network of VTL partners means that we are close to the end customers and can provide these with service of a high quality.“

The modern communications platform myVTL enables the customer-friendly processing of B2C shipments, without the stress of telephoning. Whether it is a washing machine, laminate flooring or a garden fence – after partner depots or traders have registered the shipment via myVTL the end customer receives an automatic e-mail with a link to dispatch handling on the myVTL-platform.

He then has the flexibility to select simply and reliably, at any time, on the PC or smartphone when the shipment should be delivered in the next three days or, if he wishes, to collect the goods himself from the depot. The corresponding VTL depot automatically receives the appointment selected by the customer, communicated by myVTL. Naturally, VTL private also includes the shipment tracing feature Track and Trace.

Building Bridges - transport logistic 2015

This year‘s „Building Bridges“ motto stands for the alliance of over 125 VTL partner companies and the continuous expansion of the network – for the success of our customers.

This year the following system partners are presenting their services on the VTL stand in Hall A5:


Innovative and strong partners secure business success


„Innovation and quality are the engine of our business success,“ says VTL Managing Director Andreas Jäschke. „They are firmly anchored in the core business and a central element of our corporate strategy.“ It is therefore no wonder that the VTL partners come up with new innovative ideas year after year.

At the coveted VTL Partner Award 2014 there were multiple winners in the categories „Innovation“ and „Quality“: for example, Spedition Steinhardt (Sigmaringendorf) won an award for the idea of promoting the integration of eastern European drivers via the provision of a company apartment building.

A further award winner was Hintzen Logistik GmbH (Eschweiler), which was credited for employing the first 22-tonne electric truck in North Rhine Westphalia. The truck has been transporting goods emissions-free and with low noise output in the Aachen urban region. „With this vehicle we aim to explore new paths to environmentally-friendly transport solutions,“ explains Managing Director Heinz Hintzen. The commitment to sustainability is a natural move for him. „Our core business, the transportation of goods and commodities, places a particular onus of environmental responsibility on us, which is why we are working to make the logistics of the future safer and more environmentally aware.“

In the Quality“ category the winners were the freight forwarders Huckschlag (Fröndenberg) and Gemsjäger (Munich), Zippel Logistik (Dummerstorf) was distinguished in the category „Strongest Growth“, by an increase in turnover of over 145 percent, whilst Spedition Wüst (Weissenburg) received the award for the „Best Website“.

Interview Andreas Jäschke

Strategic alliance – ILN, S.T.a.R. and VTL


The three general cargo co-operations agreed a strategic alliance in early 2015 and have already begun work on its implementation.

Andreas Jäschke, Managing Director of VTL, reports in this interview on the background and the opportunities that this decision represents.

What advantages or benefits does this co-operation offer?

Stability is a very important aspect – we want to secure network security to ensure that we can still provide our services to our customers safely and reliably in the event of a depot being unable to function.

And how do you assess the competitive situation?

With the collaboration with ILN and S.T.a.R. I see a strengthening of competitiveness and major market advantages. We can bundle our energies and transport flows in order to further increase shipment volumes and density in the European network. The join-up turns the three co-operations into a strategic alliance with around 430 national and international network partners.

How is it planned to realise the collaboration?

Step by step – firstly we are drawing up a joint operating basis and supporting each other at times of peak shipments or excess consignments. To achieve this we are mutually opening up the transhipment operations and aim to optimise European transport in the near future. The three co-operations will continue to work independently in the future and will also operate under their own brands.

The trio in figures
Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik (VTL), International Logistic Network (ILN), Systemtransport auf Rädern (S.t.A.R.):

Turnover: 158,4 Mio EUR
Consignments: 3,55 Mio
Tonnage: 1,22 Mio t
Partner depots: 316 national and 110 international

Interview Christian Zink

First-class quality management


Certified processes play an important role. This applies to both customers and partners of the CargoFamily. In the interview Quality Manager Christian Zink, explains what gives the VTL House of Quality the advantage over other quality systems and why partners here benefit.

Why is quality management so important for the CargoFamily today?

The complexity of supply chains is increasing continuously. Reliable and transparent logistics processes are therefore an increasingly important factor for success. As a consequence, it is all the more relevant to ensure that reliability, punctuality and service quality are regularly examined. Especially as our network consists of over 125 independent companies. The comprehensive quality management and risk management helps customers to build on a consistently-high level of quality – regardless of which partner company they assign.

The ISO 9001 international quality management standard will replace the version from 2008 in autumn 2015. What will change?

Primarily the structure. The so-called High Level Structure of ISO 9001:2015 standardises core texts, terms and definitions and adds depth to quality specifications – such as in the field of resource management, knowledge, change and risk management. In addition, the new version enhances the significance of quality management.

What does that mean for VTL and its partners?

Fortunately, the quality management system that we developed ourselves already takes account of many of the new requirements. In the VTL House of Quality the ISO 9001 standard was just one of many different components. As a result, there is a limited need for us to adapt. Conversely, that obviously means that we were well ahead of the curve with our quality requirements. For example, we have long covered the comprehensive requirements of risk management via tools such as Total Quality Management (TQM), quality documentation, statistics and audits. We bundle reports and statistics in warning systems, monitor these regularly and can identify deviations from the prescribed status at an early stage. This makes it possible to rectify defects before they even become noticeable to the customer.
The new ISO 9001 specifications are also already met by our House of Quality, for example focusing on our customer requirements and the interests of other groups of people.

What distinguishes the quality management at VTL from that of other systems?

It is based on an integrated and proactive approach and bundles various forms of documentation, audits, key data, reports and various TQM tools in one uniform and flexible component system. This means that new developments and market changes can be reacted to quickly and efficiently – compared to the competition. In addition, it also extends far beyond the required points of ISO 9001:2015. For example, at VTL internal and external audits are conducted at regular intervals, incentive systems, such as the quality award, created and new approaches to improving quality tested. All of this helps to ensure that each member of the CargoFamily satisfies the high quality requirements of our customers and partners. Our House of Quality is therefore a key element in enabling the success of our groupage freight co-operation.


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VTL employees introduce themselves


Kristina Wassermann
„After graduating as a Dipl.-Kauffrau (FH) (business economist) I spent 5 years as a project and team assistant in the pharmaceuticals sector. Since 01/01/2015 I have worked as Assistant to the Board of Management for the fields of Training, Marketing and PR, Fair and Event Planning and Green Logistics.

In my spare time I like sport and socialising with friends. I am particularly fond of bouldering and hiking.“

Bild_Philomena Grosch

Philomena Grosch
„Since completing my training at VTL I have worked in Key Account Management since January of this year. Amongst other things, my tasks include customer support and the drafting and invoicing of offers. I also organize the transports to Norway.

I enjoy my leisure time with my loved ones. I relax with music. I like dancing and play the piano. My hobbies also include drawing and reading – preferably thrillers.“

New members of the CargoFamily


Depot no. 04972
Member since: February 2015
Spedition Hein GmbH
Ernst-Bauer-Straße 4
97941 Tauberbischofsheim

Depot no. 04151
Member since: April 2015
Raben Trans Europaen Germany GmbH
Eichenweg 3
15749 Mittenwalde

Depot no. 04782
Member since: January 2015
Carl-Benz-Straße 2
78224 Singen

Depot no. 04643
Member since: January 2015
Emons Spedition GmbH
Gutenbergstraße 18
64331 Weiterstadt

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