160705 Andreas Jäschke_bearbeitet

Andreas Jäschke, Managing Director, VTL Vernetzte-Transport Logistik GmbH:

“We need to recognise, that in several European countries the advocates of isolationist policy are on the rise. This is certainly due not only to the asylum debate, but also to the heavy-handed tactics of politicians in Brussels and the European states. Instead of proactively developing future-oriented solutions, backwards-facing reactions and solutions are presented to cater to the mainstream.

In the digital age, realities have become more and more complex, which in many people causes diffuse anxiety about the future. But rebuilding border fences and introducing border controls is not the solution. According to a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation, the economic damage of such measures is estimated to be a double-digit billion sum, in Germany alone.

More important than the financial losses is the fact that European unity and freedom of movement, which have been fought for with great suffering in the past 100 years by our parents and grandparents, are easily compromised.

This achievement of the European family with its multiple facets is unique in the world. We must not allow the supporters of national borders to lead public opinion in Germany and other European countries. These parties fuel the nebulous fears of the population and offer black-and-white “solutions”. These simplified solutions no longer work – not in a Europe that is globally networked.

We in Europe believe in progress and in a society of cultural diversity – that enriches us, and that is what we will continue to strive for in the future. Our slogan is not “We in Europe” (Wir in Europa) for nothing – and this is not just an empty message.

It is time that the people of the VTL network become committed to the citizens of Europe and to this form of society. And for us to clearly position ourselves against demarcation and nationalist thought. We must not allow the European Pied Pipers to become the majority as a result of our indifference.

We stand for open borders. They are the foundation for a free, strong Europe, and that is the quality of life that we ​​want!”