“Character reveals itself in crises” – Helmut Schmidt

We fully agree with this quote by Helmut Schmidt. Because we have determined that our CargoFamily holds together in the crisis. For this we would like to thank all our employees, system partners and customers. For your solidarity and fairness.

This is what characterises us – as a community of values and as a logistics provider.

The past few months have not been easy for any of us, often afflicted with unknown problems and the great uncertainty of what is still to come.

From April to August, VTL also recorded a decrease in the number of consignments, which ranged between 6 and 16 percent. That was massive, it was worrying and it was a challenge for all of us.

The other months are currently even above the result of 2019 with zero to 7 percent, We expect to close 2020 at the previous year’s level.

Up to this point, we think that we have managed together very well, but now we need all our strength and discipline once again for the final spurt to cope with the pandemic in order to successfully overcome this challenge.

Please continue to support the actions of those in power, even if it is not always easy.

This is how we master this difficult time together.

Please stay healthy – or also – stay “negative”!