Under the motto “all about VUKA: seeing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity as an opportunity”, the VTL System Meeting was held in Nuremberg in November 2022, where managing directors and forwarding managers from VTL partners met for a personal exchange. This year, the guests were again provided with valuable information about the general cargo cooperation and best practice examples.

During the information event, VTL Managing Director Johanna Broese reported on developments in the network. Another focus was placed on the topic of quality and the latest developments in the network. Afterwards, the two division managers from Operations and Quality Management/GFT drew attention to the current challenges in the industry and created the optimal basis for the subsequent panel discussion with representatives of the Supervisory Board and network partners. The current situation on the market was examined from different angles and provided the guests with practical tips for everyday work. Afterwards, Managing Director Ümit Celik presented Barsan Global Logistik GmbH with ist product portfolio as a regional partner from Nuremberg. New thought-provoking impulses were provided in an informal atmosphere during an active impulse speech that showed new perspectives for courageous future makers and provided new impulses for modern leadership.

Another highlight was the traditional presentation of the VTL PartnerAwards in three categories. Spedition Steinhart GmbH & Co. KG from Sigmaringendorf received an award in the category “Best Quality”. Paul Weidlich Lübeck GmbH received the award in the category “Largest national growth”. The international partner from Tilburg/Netherlands, Claassen Logistics, was honoured as “Best International depot”.

In addition, six depots were honoured for their commitment and for ten and twenty years of VTL partnership. Meyer’s Transporte GmbH from Steinfeld-Mühlen, Accelerator from Sketten (Norway) and Delamode with its Voždovac location in Belgrade have been strong network partners for 10 years. The forwarding companies Wüst from Weißenburg and BTG with the locations in Frankfurt am Main and Neuss-Hafen were congratulated for 20 years of commitment and trust.

Parallel to the information event, a sightseeing tour of the old town was offered as an accompanying programme. The crowning finale of the event in the evening was a intoxicating show at PALAZZO in Nuremberg, where the guests could relax and enjoy the evening.